Saturday 13 August 2011

MARVIC @ Putrajaya

 See any familiar name in this photo? 

MARVIC printed on a label for accessories

Yes. This happen for real. I am having my own accessories which is name after my name : MARVIC . Not only that, MARVIC is now sale at Putrajaya for "Jom Beli Barang Raya" organized by KPDNKK. Unfortunately, I unable to be there with the rest of the team due to work but I am so fortunate that I have a supportive SIL and family member of mr BF that alternately taking care of it on my behalf. Even mr BF willing to spent his weekend leave today being there for me.. Love u la sayang.. :)

Anyway.. MARVIC is still there until tomorrow, 10 pm, 14 August 2011. Until then here is some of the snap shot taken by dearest family members and friends who were there since last Wednesday.

 Most of the necklaces comes together in a set with matching earing too. I consider it as a smart buying for those who loves to accessorize with their matching wardrobe.

 For butterfly lovers

Flowery and abstract design

 If you are wonder about the pricing, MARVIC would not burn out your purse as each selling price is between RM5 to RM30 only.

 More choices to choose

MARVIC have earings too. Each earing will only cost you about RM5. 

 One of my colleague, Miss Lyne who found MARVIC on sale.

So.. what are you waiting for? Go there tomorrow with your family or friends and look for MARVIC. Accessorizes yourself with MARVIC for this coming Raya celebration. 


  1. wahhh awesome lah Maria! is it handmade?

  2. marvic... beautiful collection with beautiful brandname!!! bravo! bravo! sorry tk dpt gi aku minat yang second pic gold color tu.. bley booked ker? ko ada dtg KL lg ker? or exclusive 1 design 1 piece jek... simpan tau aku nak...!!!

  3. Bella...some of the earing handmade by myself but not the necklaces...belum sampai ke tahap itu lg...

    Cyana...aku x sure yg ko nak tu ada lg ke tak.. ye la observe dr jauh je kalo ada aku reserved utk ko week mr bf akan ke opis ambik my basmati so bole la aku soh dia pass accessories ni ke sana.. aku gi kl 29/8-4/9 ni nanti