Thursday 18 August 2011

Taylor Swift

Why on earth do I want to write about Taylor Swift?

 Credit to: Celebrities World

 Is it because of her sudden wardrobe malfunction in the middle of St.Louis Concert when she was singing "You Belong With Me"?


Is it because of Taylor Swift is dating with Garrett Hedlund ?


Well... I do not want to write about Taylor Swift but I am writing about me being a tailor myself with my current small sewing project that occupied me during night time. I am sewing my new baju raya. Its sweet pink and flowery blue for this time around. I just hope it turn out nice on me so that I can crazily pose for my Raya moment with beloved  Canon EOS600D.

Determine to make it look nice on me :)


  1. babe, yang pink tu nnt ko tambah white lace kt tgn & kaki baju... sure cute.

  2. cyana..mcm mana ko tau aku nak letak white lace kat tgn n kaki baju...huhuhu..we shared the same mind la...hahaha

  3. jap jap... mana award aku tadii??? hahahha

  4. lambat la ko...cepat buat post entry utk award tu..hahaha