Friday 11 November 2011

DIY Anniversary Card


                                     Pop-up Heart                                           Wooden Alphabets

                                      Outer Wrap                                       Recycle Brown Envelope

Once again I make DIY anniversary card for him. Previously, I used the paper art for the card. More story in my previous entry here. This time around I create a pop-up heart in the middle of the card for some 3D effect. The love quote that I found while surfing is best describe my personal message to him. I used colored wooden alphabet for it and glue it on A4 saiz of 160 gsm colour card. I used the same material to create the pop-up heart. Then I used a recycle brown envelope as the outer wrap for the card and tied it up with a white string. As additional add on for the card, I clipped two piece of little brown clip on the white string. 

If you wonder on how I made that pop-up heart, you can get the tutorial from here. Many thanks to LaundryOnSundaes for being so generous sharing the tutorial. 


  1. awww.. so sweet! roni is so lucky! :) and vice versa! <3

  2. yun.. soklan tu x termampu aku nak jawap.. hahaha

    shemah.. i am sweet.. mengaku nihhhh..hahaha