Sunday 15 January 2012

No More Europe & Mumbai By AirAsia X

Escalating costs force AirAsia X to halt flights to Europe and Mumbai is updated news about giant low-cost carrier, AirAsia X which operates long haul flight from its KL hubs soon.The weekly flight will be suspended last on 31st March.

This news however disappoints my friend and I as we have already bought our return flight ticket with AirAsia X to Europe in September 2012. Luckily AirAsia sorts out the problems by offering few option to all affected guests like us. Thus, we decided that we still go on with our holiday plan in Europe by opting for alternative carrier with no additional cost. Of course the most important things is that "NO ADDITIONAL COST". Thus, we need to drop them an email with our choice of alternative carrier. We are thinking of Emirates or Etihad Airways but we still accept MAS thou.. :)

At least, our holiday plan is still on but with something even better which is flying with a carrier with full service and perhaps may have the chance to be at other unexpected places like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We all keep our fingers cross.

More than 4 country to visit within 16 days. How I wish that we can actually go for "Around the Word in 80 days" .. :)


  1. sad!! hope they really can transfer us to an alternative airline as per our choice. one thing to keep remind, it is still subject to availability and I'm still wondering.. will it really 'NO ADDITIONAL COST' !! ~wait & see lor

  2. CK, they have already announced it on news that there will be no additional cost.. if subject to availability, there is lots of alternative carrier.. i can give u list of ten.. :)

  3. adoi kesiannyer. how Air Asia reimburse the paid tickets? too bad they suspended their flight to Europe.

    since you have checked other options jauh beza tak the cost?