Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Winner for Marvic Christmas Giveaway

It is already 3rd of January 2012.. I am so sorry for the delayed to announced winner for Marvic Christmas Giveaway. Click here if you wish to read about the post entry. There was only 3 blogger that participate in the contest; Emila Yusof , Soulie and CK .

"I want all the gifts minus my calendar. I want the cosmetic pouch because I don't have any and I want the bodyshop gel because I need it as my travelling kit and I want the comb because I seldom comb my hair; it's about time I comb my hair."

"I want the cosmetic pouch because i never have any handmade pouch before and bodyshop strawberry shower gel smells awesome. I will definitely gantung the calendar in my room to embrace 2012 :) My xmas sock is always open for anybody to fill it it's my birthday month hehehe!"

"I want the gifts as I'll travel to Beijing sooOOooon!! so that i'll bring together the body shower gel & comb!! +++ if I get the calender I'll always remember u because i'll put it at my work station and refer to it for every single days & counting for our trip to EUROPE!!! HIKS!!"

Each gives sweet and interesting comment and reason why they deserves the Christmas Gift. Since it is difficult for me to make the decision so i decided to make a random draw using their name.

Thus, without further ado, I am announcing that the winner for Marvic Chirstmas Giveaway Contest is.... *drum roll* ......

*  WINNER  *

Yay!!!!.. Soulie will receive 1 unit cosmetic pouch (Exclusively made by Marvic), Strawberry Body Shower Gel & Comb (Exclusively made by BodyShop) and Emila's 2012 Illustrated Calendar (Exclusively made by Emilayusof)... 
so Soulie.. please drop me your mailing address so that I can send it over to you... oh.. I did the draw twice and I took out your name twice. I guess this Christmas Gift does meant for you.. :) 
Emila and CK will also receiving a gift from me as well for a token of my appreciation for joining this contest.. and yes.. I have both of your mailing address.. :) 

Hope I will have more contest or  giveaway and of course more entry update for year 2012.

Happy New Year to all... Love Marvic xoxo