Monday 19 December 2011

Marvic Christmas Giveaway Contest

* Who want this Christmas Gift *

Christmas is the season of giving and forgiving and I appoints myself as Little Santa Rina and generously having Marvic Christmas Giveaway for the lucky reader of NotesByMarvic. One lucky reader of this blog will be getting a Christmas Gift from me.

The gift is consists of:
1 unit cosmetic pouch 
(Exclusively made by Marvic)

Strawberry Body Shower Gel & Comb 
(Exclusively made by BodyShop)

Emila's 2012 Illustrated Calendar 
(Exclusively made by Emilayusof)

*New Updates*

Name of participant:
Emila Yusof

* * *
However, all you need to do is to follow the terms and conditions. Well.. nothing is easy when you want to get something right.. But I can promise you that it is easy as you spell A, B, C... Here you go;

Terms & Conditions:
1. Marvic Christmas Giveaway is open for Malaysian that residing in Malaysia only. This contest is commence from 19th December 2011 until 28th December 2011 (12 midnight, Malaysia time).
2. Be follower of NotesByMarvic and Marvicn at Twitter.Com. (If you are already follower for both so you are checked.)
2. You need to Re-tweet about this entry. Just click at the re-tweet button.
3. Then you need to leave your comment and tell me why you should get this Christmas Gift. You may submit your comment as much as you want but I only considered 1 entry per reader.
4. But it will be a plus point if you write about this Christmas Giveaway in your blog. Just let me know by leave your link under this post so that I can visit you back. 
5. Then you are already listed your name running to be one of the lucky reader for this Christmas Giveaway

So, what are you waiting for? Do what you need to do. The lucky winner will be selected via the interesting comment that I love the most. Clock is ticking and Merry Christmas to all of you. 

P/S: Those readers that really want to have Emila's 2012 Illustrated Calendar, you can always purchase them at Emila's Littleshop or visit EmilaYusof for more info of her artwork.


  1. I want all the gifts minus my calendar. I want the cosmetic pouch because I don't have any and I want the bodyshop gel because I need it as my travelling kit and I want the comb because I seldom comb my hair; it's about time I comb my hair.

  2. yay!!!! kak emi join sekali... nak update nama jap..

  3. Count me innnn! I want the cosmetic pouch because i never have any handmade pouch before and bodyshop strawberry shower gel smells awesome. I will definitely gantung the calendar in my room to embrace 2012 :) My xmas sock is always open for anybody to fill it it's my birthday month hehehe!

    Link from my blog:

  4. yeahhhh...i want the gifts as I'll travel to Beijing sooOOooon!! so that i'll bring together the body shower gel & comb!! +++ if I get the calender I'll always remember u because i'll put it at my work station and refer to it for every single days & counting for our trip to EUROPE!!! HIKS!!
    ~ comel kan my comment!! :p

    *but wonder do i have enough time to receive it (shower gel) before i leaving to Beijing* :p

  5. alololo..chomel sgt comment ko CK... hahaha... ok...listed urs..
    eh..sempat ke nak bawa gi beijing ni? :p

  6. ko jahat. taknak bagi aku masuk. aku duk jeddah nak konsider residen malaysia macam mana? ah. ko jahat. taknak kasi aku menang!

  7. ala.... aku TERLUPA ada kawan duduk kat Jeddah sana.. hahaha..balik sini la baru bole kira masuk..hahaha

  8. hey MV check out this link ~

    ~ it was created & posted ++ tweeted special dedicated for u!! hiks! :D