Friday 3 February 2012

#AJL26 Post Party

I was there for Anugerah Juara Lagu 26 at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. Tagged along with Mr. BF, we drove straight from my brother's home in Kajang to watch it live along with thousand of fellow Malaysian.It was my first time ever to watch it live and thanks to Mr. BF for the extra ticket.

Right after AJL26 was done, we heads up to AJL Post Party. Got the chance to mingle around with local artists and group of media. Lucky for me that Mr. BF is not working that night for AJL26 so we simply enjoy ourselves with foods and taking pictures. Or else, I surely ended up lonely as those who were working that night had to attend press conference for AJL26 right after the announcement of the winners.

The food was ok and I didn't ate much as it is pass midnight. Mr. BF chats with his fellow friends from Media Prima, StarOnline etc. Some of them quite well known as they are from Melodi TV3. Here is some of the pictures of us. 

Kamelia from StarOnline & her buddy, and Marvic

Azmin & Nik Shafik from Melodi, Kamelia & buddy

Pose another strike.. Dont ask me why Nik is with a walker-stick...

Well, it is a privilege be able to get to know them as they are buddies to my Mr.BF, of course... hahaha.. and yes because they are quite famous as a broadcast journalist in entertainment industry.

That is how I spent my few last hour in KL as I got myself an early morning flight to KK exactly 6 hours after midnight. Crazy night it is... Just able to get myself with three hours of sleep in between before departure and on-board during two hours 45 minutes flight. I blamed it on the doctor. More story in here.


  1. marvic.. tkde pic u & mr BF ker? anyway love your hair...

  2. sharna... gambar berdua with Mr. BF xder la masa AJL ni sbb x bergambar pon.. segan nak bergambar berdua depan kengkawan dia.. :)