Wednesday 1 February 2012

Soulie Won Marvic Christmas Giveaway

Soulie & Qeeb

Soulie won Marvic Christmas Giveaway. I took the opportunity during our recent meet up at Marmalade, Bangsar just to pass it to her. Bem69 and Qeeb was there too. We enjoy ourselves with yummy food and stories almost about everything. Gadget, food, blogging etc...

Here is some entry that posted by Soulie in her blog about our meet up. Thanks dear Soulie.


By Soulie

Soulie on the other hand surprise me with some of her craft. You are so Crafty Junkie just like me..hahahaha... Do you know that Crafty Junkie like us can spend more than one hour in a stationary or craft shop and buy almost everything that we thought it looks cute. That is so us.. Even my colleague over here in KK says that one hour is not enough for me whenever I goes to stationary. .hahaha..