Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mistreatment by a Doctor

I went to see a doctor from one of our panel clinic in KL due to some red itchiness on my body. I have been suffered of this itchiness terribly for few days before then. I cant sleep well at night and I keep scratching till I find bad scratches on both of my leg and arm. Then I went to see the doctor and she diagnosed me of having a fungal attacked. She then gives advice on how to comfort the itchiness and prescribe me with some medicine.

I took the oral medicine and put some cream on my body and yet the itchiness getting even worst. Worries me the most when it came worst on Sunday night. I cant sleep well throughout the night until I was on my flight back to KK on Monday morning. Once I arrived in KK, I drove myself directly to the nearest panel clinic. The lady doctor told me that I was actually have a terrible allergic. She asked me whether I've been to the beach or eat something like red meat or seafood. Told her that I was only in KL and did not go to any beaches and I never had this kind of allergic before. I informed her about what the other doctor diagnosed me and she said "I dont think this is due to fungal attacked. This is merely like an allergic". She then prescribed me with an injection and some oral medicine and liquid cream for the allergic and two days of medical leave. 

I then went home and have my rest throughout the day. Surprisingly, she was right. The redness on my body started to disappear and less itchiness. I feel so relieved. Whatever it is, I just cant believe that the other doctor that I met has diagnosed me wrongly and even prescribed me with oral medicine which I took for three days in a row. Luckily the oral medicine did not harm me badly but I have been mentally suffered with three extra days of the itchiness.What if the medicine put my life in danger? Will she be able to give back my life then? Of course not right..hurmmm.. I am not going back to that particular clinic anymore... 

p/s: Thanks to God Almighty that I am still alive and live for another day.. Amen