Thursday 11 April 2013

Malindo Air

Malindo Air is another low cost airlines that have just recently launched in Malaysia. Me as one frequent flyer definitely looking forward to fly with them since they are offering such great services with competitive air fare along with Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia. They are also offering free checked in baggage up to 15 kg for economy class and 30 kg for business class. Not to mention that they also using the skybridge and arrival will be at KLIA (my flight is from KCH to KUL) .. such a premium services within low air fare. Much better than the Red.. hahaha.. So tonight, I am flying with them and since I checked in..their ground crew is helpful and friendly too. So thumbs up to Malindo Air. They should maintain their good services and improve more for better future in this aviation industry.

p/s: This Malindo Air didnt pay me a cent for this write up but I just like to share my experience flying with them.. Will update more on their in-flight service soon..

Owh... Malaysia Airport Berhad should put more power plug for flyer like me who need to charge our gadget 24/7.. I am now sitting on the floor minding my own business posting this blog post while charging my new apple rumpong.. Hahaha... Coffee Bean closed early at 9 pm so too bad.. :(


  1. hi maria! long time no see ;) i just checked out malindo air. not bad jugak the promo price ticket

  2. Hai Soulie... not bad right promo air fare Malind.. Sempat la grab for my last minute weekend getaway with geng globe trekker..hahaha