Thursday 11 April 2013


Yes.. It is lunch time.. I choose Secret Recipe for today's lunch.. I am trying to get my blogging mood... So sesuka hati blog when and whatever i want..hahaha... I ordered Carribean Fish Fillet with salad and drink pepsi.. Eee.. *gediknya ... Makan n minum apa pon nak bgtau...haha

Oh ya.. I'll be flying again tonight for another girls adventure.. Roadtrip with my Globe Trekker team mate.. Woohoo... Roadtrip will starts at 3 am.. Guess where will we be by tomorrow morning. Who can give the first n right answer will receive something from me.. -- 11.04.2013

*I think my fish fillet is still uncooked..but since me is so lazy to wait for new one so i just left it n pay the bill. I should just go the bakery n eat bun.. Tettttt...

Updates: As at today, 22.04.2013, nobody is able to give an answer so the guessing game is over. :)

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