Tuesday 9 April 2013

Birthday Card - 3.1

My first post for year 2013.. It has been so long.. I know.. So much thing happens and it would take me months to blog about each of them everyday.. Hahaha...I really missed blogging moments with blogger friends and i missed my blog too.. I have been neglecting my blog since June 2012... Bad me as blogger.. :(

A week ago, slightly a month after my birthday.. I have received a birthday card by mail..By surprise.. It is was from my colleagues in KL office.. Love them to bit... Muahhhh.. Yes.. I am already upgraded to 3.1

*I'm not fan of Pattinson..honestly.. My bff Shima simply google, copy n paste Pattinson' picture and print them for the card... The funny part is that she dont even recognized him as Edward Cullen from Twillight...hahaha

#Blog with my apple rumpong no.4


  1. hi Marvic, how you doing.. hehe. :D

  2. Hai TH.. How are you doing???.. Me doing just great :)