Tuesday 7 May 2013

Bangkok 2012 - A Trip To Remember

I went to Bangkok again in June 2012 after my first trip in July 2011. This is a long due blog post... Hahaha.. #lazyblogger I am.. Anyhow, I went there with one of my BFF, a hardcore traveller too. It was her first trip to Bangkok and wasnt her first to Thailand. I was still working in Kota Kinabalu at that point of time so I start my journey flying with The Red on early morning Thursday from Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Airport. I had my morning breakfast in KK. Then we met at our office in KL. We had lunch at Pavillion with the rest of BFF before we heads up with our journey to LCCT for our evening flight with The Red to Bangkok. We reached Suvarnabhumi International Airport around 6 pm.

We took cab from the airport to our hotel in Sathorn area. Sathorn is located in the heart of Bangkok's central and commercial district. You may feel extra safe as most of foreign embassy is located at this area including The Embassy of Malaysia. I used to stay over at The Embassy Condo as my brother work there but then he moved back to Putrajaya in August 2011. So no more sponsored luxury accomodation, food and transportation...all kena bayar sendiri..hahaha. My last trip mmg manja giler..semua my abang/brother yang provide/bayar while me spent for my own shopping..

Comfortable & yet affordable stay at I-Residence Sathorn

Five days and four nights, we travel around Bangkok for their famous Grand Palace (our pre-palace vacation before looking forwad to the real Buckingham Palace in London). That is what we do for the 1st day in Bangkok. I didnt had the chance to visit the Grand Palace during my 1st trip as my mother was more eager for shop than visiting historical place.. Hahaha.. At night, we went to Siam Paragon Mall and street market nearby before jalan jauh sikit for Hard Rock Cafe.

Stairs to Heaven

The Grand Palace

Next morning, we conquered Chatuchak Market for the whole day with fruitful sight-seeing and shopping activities. Love the market even thou scene ada scene sesat. Its a huge market.. REALLY HUGE.. Our itinerary for the 3rd is still shopping (my main objective visiting Bangkok).. This time around we went to Platinum Mall - heaven for me the shopaholic. Jd physco 24/7 as we both deciding to buy or not to buy anything that we saw in any store...hahaha. Everything will looks beautiful on us but then however most of their small size clothing is unwearable for our wide body frame (ok..I mengaku myself bambam but still gwiyomi Still we grab few wearable dress, a bulk buying of accessories (necklaces, earrings, bangles). Wardrobe stock for a year, I promise myself...( kononnya but shopping jugak sakan in September & December 2012.. Ampunnn)..

Guard Exchange

Next very day is our last day in Bangkok. Since our flight back is late in the evening so we heads up to MBK Mall in the morning for more sight-seeing (kononnya) and we end up buying tah apa-apa at Naraya store. But still shopping berHEMAH as there is no need for me to buy extra luggage. I have always prepare myself with my magic large foldable bag along with my only medium saiz backpack and handbag.. Hahaha..

We reached LCCT after midnight since The Red has to divert the flight to Penang International Airport at the last 30 minutes before the plane supposed to
land in LCCT. We took the bus until KL Sentral and I have my MR BF sabar menanti and send us back to our home, one in Wangsa Maju and me at Desa Pandan then dia have to drive balik ke Lembah Ampang..Thank you la sayang. Souvenier for him? --> GF balik ke tanah air dengan selamat..hahaha

Me fly back to KK next day evening after having lunch with all of the BFF.. Ok..Makan-makan is our all time favourite activity aside of shopping and travelling.

p/s: I always travel light as I dont like to burden myself to carry extra weight and simply enjoying my travel, be relatively free throughout the journey.

A snapshot with the radio DJ
Shopping BerHemah - beg kosong lagi tu
                                 Baht Menurun
Tadaaa.. Minimal jer pon


  1. Hehehe.. Dah dekat setahun ceritanya ye..
    Gwiyomi comel.. Lol

  2. Hahaha.. Standard la citer lama jadi baru gitu..hahaha