Monday, 6 May 2013

Normal Monday - 06.05.2013

A day after GE13th in Malaysia. Normal working monday for most of us except for Penang and Selangor has been declared public holiday for them. Our morning conversation is all about the GE result, about who is winning, who has been defeated.. But still I have a monthly report need to be analyze and submit by the end of the week.. Damnnn.. #nak jugak cuti-cuti malas.. Hahaha..

The 1st few hours i did some survey for hotel in some place oversea... Yes!! we are going again at the end of June till July.. We cant stop travelling since our last trip to London and Europe.. Yes.. I know.. i still hutang stories about our last trip..actuall few trips after that.. Lots of RM has gone but we earned lots and priceless experience travelling..gagagaga... Owh my husband-to-be..your wife-to-be is kaki jalan already.. Eh.. Ada ke husband-to-be ni? Tak dpt Prince Harry of Wales, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden pon hokey.. Yummy...hahaha

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