Wednesday 26 February 2014

Itinerary is confirmed

GT is ready with our itinerary program for our next backpack trip. This time around, we decided to add in mount hiking activity into our travel program. 1,717 meter high of an active volcano mountain will be the one that we want to conquer. I am not sure how about my fitness capability but I need to do something about it. I should keep the laziness in me aside and start running on the treadmill.April 2014 is my deadline.

One of our craziest moment taken at our room - Hard Rock Penang Hotel, April 2013

Nevertheless, so much things I had in mind and many things that I want to do but somehow, I ended up doing nothing. Hmm.. not really nothing but only 20% out of the real plan. Who does not want a BIG SUCCESS in their life right. Still I am proud that I managed to secure a place for me to put up my stuff for sale. Thanks to dearest friend who believe that I can do so much with my creative hand and mine. I shall make more soon. *cross-finger* VB is my idol.. *wink*

Me in Fuschia Caftan by Marvic. Photo with a colleague in Meridien Hotel Sabah, 2011
p/s: I shall think like VB..


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