Monday 10 February 2014

The Ring - Momo Yang & Mr. P

Finally one of my bff, Miss Momo Yang (her nickname) is engaged to Mr. P (his nickname) yesterday at Momo's parent home. This couple start their sweet journey back in 2011 with quite a little drama here and there along the way of course (this is normal in any relationship). I am super excited for her and i bet both families felt the same too. Two loving birds is finally on their way to ring the wedding bell.

Momo whatsapp me yesterday and again today reminding me that she is officially appoint me as one of her bridesmaid along with her two sister, Eeza & Cocobel. Ohhh... Thank you dear for the appointment.. Hehehe.. Five more months to go for the big day and we have so many things to do... Oh dear.. Time is ticking fast n I bet she is nervous with all the wedding stuff.. Well girl.. You will be just fine.. 

However.. The first thing I should start doing is DIETING and keep myself PHYSICALLY FIT.. ohh dear..hahaha..

                                  *Source from Momo's Instagram

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