Thursday 11 September 2008

New Badgets

Today, I registered for EC after being 'pujuk' by few lady blogger, to name a few; Mariuca, Jean Chia, T.H, LJ and many more. So far I just gor myself 260 points and I think it would take me a long time to reach 500 points.

Sigh.... How la? I want that dolly too..

This dolly is created by very creative blogger, Emila Yusof. You may check out her artwork at She also have another blog that feature more of her photography work at The Other Side of Emila.

I also put up a badge on All Malaysian Blogger. My simple reason is that I AM MALAYSIAN BLOGGER...and I am proud being one of the Malaysian Blogger. This cute badge again created by Emila Yusof. So, to all other Malaysian's blogger that havent have this badge, please put one at your blog so that people get to know you as a Malaysian Blogger.

As I also made handmade stuffs, I also registered myself at BuyHandMade.Org and get myself the badge. So I pledge all online shoppers, do support us by buying handmade stuffs from creative bloggers. and do help them to promote their creative work including mine..hehehe..

Peace to all bloggers!!!!


  1. Hola Marvic, I baru hantar u pressie he he! Enjoyzzz and selamat berbuka puasa! :D

  2. Maria, macam nilah bersemangat!!!! Drop more EC and if possible leave comment while droppng EC. This way, you'll improve your blogging social network and get to meet new friends.

  3. i agree ngan kak emila..

    just done my dropping (erk that dosent right)

    glad that you have joined ec..

    nanti ada la yang drop jugak.. now yours will be on my daily task la..

    p/s : i agree on both kak emila's comments hehehe.

  4. tenkiu2 to all my malaysian blogger..

    will meet u guys kat blog masing2...hehehe

  5. hi marvic! im so happy to see u in EC!! yay!!

    as a first encouragement, i've just sent u some credits so that u can get yr dollie! Come, faster request for a dollie from emila so that we can together-gether have a dollie hug!! :))

  6. oh..thanks jean for that extra credits...
    how am i going to do with you?..

    i better think of something to give to you..

  7. Eh Marvic, u didn't get the credits I sent u ke? Sedihnye tak lepas ke? I sent u yest. :(

  8. marzie..u ada htr credit ke?..i dont know...later i check kat my account...

    but thank you for your kind thought...

  9. Marvic, I hantar u 300 credits to help u with ur dolly! Really hope u got it and it didn't go missing or something! Happy Monday sweetie! :D

  10. Hola Marvic! You’ve been tagged, have fun! :)

  11. thanks marzie...i got the credit...will visit u for the tag