Friday 30 January 2009

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I delivered Ken's mystery gift by post last wednesday. He won that Mystery Gift from my lucky draw last month. But unfortunately when the gift arrived at his doorstep, the mirror and the frame already broke into two. I was so sad when heard the news from Ken, himself. Otherwise it would be nicely display in Ken's home. I'll definitely will deliver the replacement gift by hand to Ken in the future.


  1. GOshh.. The frame also broken?? I dint realize it in ken's blog just now that i suggest him to replace new mirror! Should complain postlaju regarding this matter...Too much..

  2. Ms. Marvic..just wanted to know some of your wishes at

    thank u! hope u could have time to do the tag and share your wishes..


  3. its sad to know. by the way check your award at my blog alsomommy.

  4. Thanks for dropping by and giving kind comments Marvic:)
    I also have the same experience:(

  5. hi!!you draw all these cartoons yourself?very cute^^. i did some drawings come visit my blog :)

  6. oh thats so bad :( it was such a lovely mirror too!

  7. So sad to hear about it. yeah you're right u can get something as a replacement for the broken one.

  8. ala.. terok nye post malaysia nie... ermm bdw, maria, come n join the giveaway ya? :)

  9. Princess Snow: If I made complaint still they cant do anything right...

    Gagay: will let u know my birthday wishes for 2009. hopefully i'll be getting it from you :lol:

    TH: it is very sad indeed.what award did u honour me with? :) at least this news make my day today

    yoon see: anytime yoon see :)

    eggyolk: I didnt draw the cartoons by my friend did it. You can visit her at

    Emmie: things already happen but thanks for coming by anyway

    Hopeful: I definitely will get something to replace the broken mirror. thanks

    diyadeary: diya dah buat giveaway ek? :)