Thursday 12 February 2009

Digital Experience

Zyul tagged me with this 25 random facts, habit, behaviors about myself:

Here is the rules:

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. I am a Sarawakian
2. Work in KL
3. Born to a cross cultural marriage couples (my parent la)
4. I can speaks in 5 languages/dialect (the beauty of mix parentage)
5. I loves to eat
6. I fave with Coke Cola
7. I hate milk (but I drink soy drink)
8. I can be very sensitives
9. I can be very talkative
10. I can be lazy most of the time
11. I loves to cook
12. like people to take photo of me
13. I don't like to be left alone
14. I need a companion for life
15.I like to read books
16. I like to knit, do crochet, beading, crosstitch, sewing etc (traditional woman i can be)
17. early bedder
18. like to own new gadget (like notebook, ipod, pda, slr camera etc..)
19. like to travel to the country side
20. I hate to wait
21. I can be a bad temper
22. I am going to be 27 this year (3 more years to the number 30..)
23. I am still in love with him
24. My friends always turn to me when they hv problems..
25. I always count on my friends when i'm down too...

Now, you know 25 facts about me and it is your turn to let me know about u....

1. Diyadeary
2. TH
3. Roxychicks
4. Khemy
5. Shemah
6. Nessa
7. Mariuca
8. Ken
9. Baincardin
10. Ahmad Nazif
11. Kamitaken @ Lotfi
12. Yoon See
13. Nurulbalqis
14. Ladyjava
15. Jean Chia
16. Yudi
17. Anyone who want to do this are welcome...

Mind to share 25 facts with me because I want to know more about you.....


  1. Oh no... I think I've ran out of facts about me! LOL! I did this tag countless times, mana mau korek random facts lagi ni??

    Maybe I'll recycle my random facts... hehe, boleh kan? :) Thanks for the tag!

  2. i think i just post them kat my blog? kan.. random facts gak tu... ok what.. uhuhuuu..

  3. will do at alsomommy blog so can update the blog too. :) hehe.. but kena think 25 wah ... lama sikit

  4. roxychick: x kisah la..janji i dah tag seramai mungkin..kekeke

    TH: good for u then.. :)

  5. hi marvic! thanks for remembering me in your tag!! Love ya!! :)

  6. wow marvic, im amazed lar, u can speak five dialect! :)

    oh, i love to eat too. I used to love drinking coke. I drank it everyday. But my dad always scold me and said coke contains a high level of sugar that could easily leads to diabetic. He will gets very angry if he sees a bottle of coke in the fridge. So, i stopped. >< But it's good becasue now i feel healthier. hehe

  7. oh marvic, you're atthe same age as me!! woohoo!!! that's a new finding!! :) High five, gal!

  8. hmmm... sounded like a little story to tell, marvic. Still in love with him? It's so hard to be trapped in love. If u need someone to listen to u, i'll be here, k! *HUGZ*

  9. jean: A bottle of coke is a must in my fridge....yes we are at the same right..Hugs back....still in love and always be with him....

    Ahmad Nazif: look forward to it :)

  10. Wakakak! Thank you for tagging me Marvic, let me think for a while.......
    hmmmm, let's see what I can find ...


  11. CHOP! He he terlambat gila chop lolz!!

  12. Oh I'm amazed too u can speak in 5 languages, syabas!!!

  13. Wah wah wah 25 fakta ramdom?? Oh must think ni, me too like Nessa dah byk kali buat random facts tag lol!

  14. Thanks for the tag sweetie, nanti I buat yeah? Kirim salam kat Julia and TSZ tomo! :)

  15. Marvic! Thanks for thinking of me. I was tagged by a friend to do this on Facebook too the day before! :) So yeah, I hope to do this ASAP and hopefully you guys find me randomly interesting. LOL! Although I seriously doubt it.

  16. shemah, everyone has their own interesting charateristic.... lol

  17. I already done with the tag my dear Marvic!

  18. hey Marvic! I'm done with this tag!! :) Thanks for tagging me.. hope you know me a little bit more better! ;)