Wednesday 11 February 2009

Handwriting Tag?

Today, I've got tagged by TH on Handwriting Tag. The question kinda blur and I had to be really focus when reading it out aloud. I had to go to Nessa and try to read it from there. In this tag, u need to read the questions and answer it using your own handwriting. It can be tough when people like me that has very small handwriting. So here it goes my handwriting;

So friends, do u part and tag others...


  1. marvic,result giveaway nak keluar.. :)

  2. Nazif: selagi I x kenal new blogger, selagi tu nama korang semua naik... hahaha

    Diyadeary: I menang x? hehehe

    Zyul: Later, I will do my part pulak. Didnt know u are tagging me too...hehehehe

  3. your handwritting very nice!