Monday 11 July 2011

Blogging from Embassy of Malaysia, Sathorn

The above title for this entry has speak itself. Nahhh.. didn't post it from Embassy of Malaysia, Sathorn.. hahaha..Did half of the writing there and another half here in KK.. Here goes the story;

"I finally arrived in Bangkok or Krung Thep Maha Nakhon at 4.10 pm (local time). Travel alone by myself which happened unplanned is something that I don't expected at all. My brother unfortunately booked a totally different flight for our parent but still on the same day. So, there I was a bit lost when I arrived in Survanabhumi International Airport. Then after I pass through the Immigration Counter, I immediately look for a taxi and only saw limousine counter...took one which cost me about 950 Baht which equivalent to RM95.00 including toll fees. At first they wanted to charge me with 2,200 Baht =  RM202. It took me to a surprise as my brother said taxi will only cost me about 300 Baht and I only have 900 Baht in hand.But well, I still considered I am lucky since I managed to get the fare half from the original charges." - typed this when I was in Bangkok..

Travel with Malaysian Hospitality
Feel lost but act like I 'm not :)

The journey from the airport to Embassy of Malaysia took about 45 minutes and we did get caught in the traffic jam in a while here and there as it was about after office hour for the Thai. I was a bit tired from early morning flight for two days in a row.. Thursday morning flight from KK to KCH, then the next day early flight is from KCH to KL before boarding to next flight from KL to BKK (Bangkok). 45 minutes later I arrived in front of the Embassy and I spoke to the security guard. Since the local people cant really speak English very well, so I just mentioned the name of my brother and later they pass me through the 1st gate.. Then go for another 2nd gate which is just 30 feet walk from the 1st gate. Then I have to walk for quite a distance to their condo building.. Personally, the place itself is awesome and breath taking.. with garden is everywhere and well taken care I assumed. Once I set my foot at the lobby, I checked with another security guard and he then bring me up to the apartment and did not even let go of me until my SIL open up the door and give him the acknowledgment.. Security level in the embassy is strict  and I can assured you that safety of fellow Malaysian staff and their family member is definitely above all.

I woke up super early at 6 in the morning (Bangkok time) as I am so excited to explore The City of Angels. My brother has made the arrangement for us to visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi Province (Ratchaburi = The Land of The King). The journey took about 1 hour from Sathorn to the southwest of Bangkok. There were few operator that offer competitive fees for the tour. Each person fees vary from Baht800 (approximately RM80) to Baht2000 depending how good your bargaining skills. Our was Baht800 per person and this including free fresh coconut drink. 
  View of Embassy of Malaysia from above

There were so much things to see along the small canal such as local houses (some look like exactly you watched in horror Thai film, Nang Nak). My parent loves to see small farm by the local as they both are actively farming back home. Accompany with fresh coconut drink and fruits during boat touring while window shopping is a bliss for a group of shopaholic like mom, SIL and me.. hahaha. We also make a stop at the temple. We actually just stay on the boat and take the opportunity to fed the fish in the canal, temple area. We were told that nobody can do fishing in this area as it is protected and considered as holy by the local. So there is fish every way and can be seen from that clear water. Somehow I felt like our boat is actually in a big aquarium with big fish in it.

Shop for home deco anyone?

Definitely heaven for those who loves accessories
 After few hours spent in the floating market, we headed back to the city for lunch. I forgot the name of the restaurant but they serve halal food. Right after we done with our lunch, we headed to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market. Interesting facts about this place is that they have nearly 15,000 stalls which divided into 27 sections. You actually can find almost anything in here as they offers wide variety of household items, collectibles, clothing line, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, food and live animals. I came here twice and still unable to find my way to the store that I were looking for. Honestly, my mother, my SIL and I shops like there is no other day.. hahaha.. Owh.. They only open on Saturday and Sunday (that is why they called it Weekend Market) and they closed at 5pm. So make sure you go there early in the morning. :)

On Monday, we, the ladies continue our shopping journey to Platinum. We bring along 3 extra shopping bag with us as we knows that we will shops like mad in there, which is so true. I even withdraws my money twice within a day. The saying of "shops till you drop" is definitely describe us best. Then on Tuesday morning, we continue our last shopping session at MBK Plaza. We only have like 3 hours shopping in MBK and then rush back to the apartment as our return flight to Kuala Lumpur is at 5 pm. That 3 hours session was well spent as we got almost everything but not everything.. hahaha. Till now, I can still remember our shopping spree. It is more likely a mother-daughter moment, a mother-daugther-in-law moment. The three of us really enjoy ourselves. At one point I realized that there three of us is a shopaholic. 

Here is some tips if you want to do some shopping in Bangkok;

1) Learn to speak little bit in Thai. More is even better. You can bargain like the local.
2) If you want to exchange your money into Baht, do look for Super Rich Money Changer. Their colour is Orange colour.. so u can easy spotted the visible colour almost everywhere. 
3) Avoid the road during early morning when the Thai is going to work, lunch hour and evening when they are heading home. Taxi fare and Tuk Tuk can be blown away your mind as they taking the advantages from you. So plan your journey properly. You can always be use their train as their station is located at every main tourist attraction. 
4) Lastly, enjoy your stay in Bangkok.. :)


  1. Your brother works for Malaysia embassy? Wahh.... Coooooolllllllll!

  2. yes diya..he is working there..sbb tu cost hotel, makan minum, taxi fare pon xder..bajet shopping je..hahaha..

  3. hi marvic! the first time i went to BKK, i got scam by those taxi driver too! yr brother is right. the taxi fare shud be around 300baht only. The second time i go there, i was smart! i got a taxi fare around 200baht! :)

  4. jean, i also didnt know that the budget taxi is situated at the lower ground ... if i knew about it surely i will go for that..who want to spend more on taxi fare right..that extra money can be handy during shopping..hehehe..anyway..lesson learnt well. :)