Monday 8 March 2010

Welcome Babies*

For the past week, friends of mine had just welcoming new member of their family. Zari Nezam and Mekna with their still unnamed baby boy, Intan & Farid with their sweet baby girl name Lulu Alwana, Lotpi & Najwa welcoming their second child, baby girl name Naseem.

Me, on the other hand, handmade some baby stuff like baby mattress and baby pillow as my gift to the newborn babies. Have already done with two set for Zari Nezam and Intan. Another set for Lotpi is still undone but hopefully can finish it very soon as I will pass it to a friend who plan to perform umrah end of March. Lotpi and his family is currently in Makkah.

For Intan & Farid

For Zari Nezam & Mek Na

New updates on my daughter, Kayla...she had just have new hair style...BOLD...hahaha..but it make her looks cute even more.