Wednesday 8 June 2011

Family Reunion During Gawai

Other Malaysian may knew about Gawai Festival as Harvest Festival for the Ibans, the Bidayuhs and other Org Ulu in Sarawak. This festival does reflects the same meaning and purpose for Kaamatan Festival in Sabah. This festival is another celebration that need to be carry out for the young generation to get to know about our native culture and ancient history behind it. But for me, this celebration is about reconnecting families from all generation regardless of different beliefs and races.  Why is that so??? ...Because all of us lives and work at different part of Malaysia and some comes all the way from other country. Every each of us committed to make this 1st time Reunion of The Basen Family is a success...All four generation gathered around and enjoying ourselves with so much news update among each other. Thanks to our favourite airlines carrier AirAsia as now everyone can fly back for this family gathering and Gawai Festival.

1st & 2nd Generation of The Basen

Food make us happy too :)

But mostly importantly is the deliciousssssssssss foooooddddd.... ----> mee kolok , laksa sarawak, manok pansoh (chicken in the bamboo) and many more... lucky me..I can taste it all before I fly back to KK.

Us in our traditional attire as The Bidayuh


  1. Marvic, love to see you in your traditional attire. Cantik!! :)

    I hope I can get a chance to visit any rumah panjang during my visit to Kuching next year. :)

  2. diya...thanks...u can see all the natives and learn about their cultures at Santubong Cultural Village ... :)